Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mystique Wins Make-up Competiton Semi Final

A special thank you to Belly Dancers Joie Risk and Sophie Papas for volunteering for the Make-up modelling for my make-up show. The girls put on a stella performance that won the hearts and attention of the judges and crowd on the evening of the Cleopatra semi finals.

Photography was done by Sydney University Arts student Nicole Powell.


art said...

Louise, I'll be restarting my part time photography business when I get back to the United States. One thing I was laking when I had my business in Colorado Springs was a good makeup artist. You do good work and I would like your advise on what to look for in chosing someone to do makeup for the photo industry. I was kind of thinking about trying some of the beauty colleges in the area and relying on their instructor to suggest one or two of their more promising students. What do you think. Give me some suggestions if you can.


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